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Hire global talent instantly

Hire global teams and relocate valuable talent seamlessly, without the compliance and cost of setting up local entities.

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Using our platform you can build remote teams without worrying about legalities and local entities

Playroll’s Employer of Record network was built over more than 20 years hiring locally compliant global teams as part of the VAT IT Group.

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Playroll’s modern SaaS technology

It’s thanks to Playroll’s ready-made network of fully owned, physical employment entities. Before founding Playroll, we built global teams (as VAT IT Group) for over 20 years. That makes us one of, if not the most experienced EoR partners in our space.

We’ve already ingested much of the costs you’ll save. We’ve already built the infrastructure of compliant employer entities. We’ve got the local-expert support already on-the-ground ready to help, and a legal team to advise you on severance obligations.

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As a legally-liable Employer of Record partner, Playroll helps expansion-ready businesses and organisations shortcut past the spiraling cost, delay and local-compliance complexity of growing global teams or relocating talent around the globe. One multinational payroll that continually pays your global talent accurately and compliantly.

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Coming Soon...

We’re no stranger to hard work or managing payroll flawlessly across the globe.

Our vision isn’t complicated either. To contribute to the future of work by connecting meaningful, best-fit job opportunities with best-fit global talent hungry to find their ‘why’, and a reason to give their best through work that feels like play.

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