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Technology without limits for a workforce without boundaries

Welcome to the global payroll platform trusted across 160+ countries and all types of employment. Smart. Simple. Streamlined. Built for the most important workforce—yours.

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What makes us standout

Papaya Global is reinventing global payroll, payments, and workforce management. Our automated platform helps companies hire, onboard, manage, and pay people in more than 160 countries. The cloud-based solution is easy to use and scale, ensures full compliance and provides industry-leading BI and analytics.

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Making your resources more human.

Get all the tools you need to raise your HR game.

  • Know now Get insights on who your workers are -- by country, cost centers and more.
  • Retention insights See how well you’re attracting and keeping top talent, and why they chose to leave.
  • DE&I Dashboard: Clearly shows where your company stands in equity of gender, age and pay—by department and seniority structure – and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is comprised of people from different countries, different cultures, and different backgrounds. Diversity is our secret weapon. Our platform seamlessly connects your people, payroll and payments, so everything is consolidated, automated and validated.

  • Fueled by compliance and accuracy.
  • Easily hire, process, and pay in over 160+ countries for all worker types.Seamlessly integrate existing workflows.
  • Seamlessly integrate existing workflows.

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Coming Soon...

Power up your global payroll

Your workforce is all over the world. Get them all in one place. Our platform syncs all of their info, whether they’re payroll employees, EOR workers, or contractors.

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