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What makes us different?

PairPEO sits on our client’s side of the table in determining whether a PEO makes sense for their business. We simplify the PEO pricing process by navigating the evaluation across the industry on our client’s behalf and bring them transparent results and recommendations.

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Bringing transparency to the PEO industry.

Pair PEO is a free service that sifts through the mountains of marketing fluff in order to bring transparency to complex pricing models in the PEO industry. We make it easy for your business to partner with the best PEO for your workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

PEOs provide a turnkey HR, payroll, and benefit solution for small businesses to help them run more efficiently while also reducing benefit and worker's compensation expenses. The benefits to this are obvious, but because of their widely varying structures, which PEO may be the best fit for your needs will not be so obvious. PairPEO will make sure you receive all the advantages in a way that makes sense for your business.

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PairPEO exists to bring transparency to the PEO industry and help small and medium sized businesses evaluate PEOs to determine what kind of transition will most benefit their company and employees.

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