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The Future of Work is Global Listo is Ready.

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Mission, Vision, Values

We are driven by our mission to seamlessly connect enterprises with international talent, lead the global employment through frictionless, intuitive technology, operational excellence, and client success.

We work tirelessly to powerfully transform the world of work through empathy, employment, and education. Together with our clients and partners, we will positively impact 10 million people worldwide.

We live our values. To serve, to commit, to challenge, to progress, to lead.

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A commitment to the rising tide

By 2030, a talent deficit of over 85 million jobs will exist across the world’s major economies. The imminent skilled labor shortage will affect both the developed and developing world if left unaddressed, resulting in a crisis that could cost nations trillions of dollars in unrealized revenues.

That’s why we’re on a mission to be instrumental in solving the oncoming global employment shortage. We commit to invest in international communities where our clients hire talent. We will focus resources on contributions to vetted, locally based organizations committed to education, work training, STEM, and English language initiatives so the next wave of global employees is qualified to meet the growing demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although EOR and PEO are often used interchangeably, they are very different. A PEO in the US typically refers to co-employment where the PEO and the Employer have a shared responsibility for the employment of the individual. Co-employment does not exist outside of the US. Globally the offering is EOR, meaning the EOR takes on the full legal responsibility for the employee.

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