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The fastest way to hire globally, and scale your international operations

Our unparalleled technology and services platform handles all your overseas operating and compliance requirements, so you can focus on your business.

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Who we are

HSP Group is a global expansion services ‘disruptor’ that has revolutionized the way customers stay on top of managing their international growth activities.
We offer global people and entity management solutions — as well as bespoke expansion consultancy services — which helps start-ups, technology businesses, growth companies and established multinationals their expansion plans, all managed via one technology platform, GateWay.

What we do

We are the only provider committed to delivering all the people and entity solutions you need, in every country throughout the world. GateWay is our unique digital platform allowing clients, employees, and partners to access everything they need in every country. Our technology, people, methodology, pricing, experience, & expertise, make the complex simple. Ours is the most experienced team of professionals in the global expansion solutions industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

A pioneer in global expansion management (GXM) systems

Combined with HSP Group’s efficient and economical managed services and expert-driven technical consulting, it serves as a one-stop-shop for driving global growth.

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