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CXC global

You have made an excellent choice.xThis vendor scored highly in several areas covered by Magellan. Including country support, employment types covered and payment methods. Learn more about this awesome company below and schedule time to speak with one of their representatives with the click of a button.Check what they offer and book an appointment with them with a click of the button.

EoR is a company that takes on the legal responsibility of employing workers on behalf of other organisations. AoR is an organisation that helps businesses to ensure compliance when they take on independent contractors. we’ve designed our EoR and AoR services to enable you to engage the right people to solidify your global presence and move your business forwards.

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IC Compliance

A compliance service is a solution offered by workforce management organisations (like CXC) to help you remain compliant as you expand your operations internationally or hire contractors at home. CXC can minimise your risk of things like fines and legal fees by helping you to set up your operations legally and compliantly.

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Global Payroll

Global payroll services let you hire and pay anyone, anywhere — without the headache. we provide payroll services to all kinds of clients, from those with just a handful of remote workers living abroad to those that need to manage a whole workforce across several countries.

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We simplify the complex world of work, We offer local solutions across a global footprint, We are exceptionally knowledgeable about compliance and risk.

Transparency and honesty. Doing the right thing for clients and contractors. 100% compliance, every time

Contractor Management

CMO is when an organisation outsources the engagement, payment and management of its contractors to another organisation. We take the hassle out of managing contractors, so you can get back to growing your business. And your workers will get a supportive, consistent management experience from beginning to end.

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