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You deserve better payroll

Aspen enables your company to outperform through the power of white-glove HR.

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Why Aspen?

We started AspenHR to revolutionize the client service experience where the value you receive from us consistently exceeds our price.

What’s the result? We help you grow by focusing on what you do best and equipping you with the HR expertise and support to hire and retain best-in-class talent.

Our secret sauce? Our highly knowledgeable team, backed by a turn-key cloud-based HR platform provides the optimal mix of white-glove service powered by automated workflows.

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Easy & Efficient

Aspen’s modern web based platform enables you and your team to quickly access and manage HR, benefits, and payroll data.

With Aspen Cloud, review timesheets, submit your payroll and even view payroll status in real-time. Our payroll and tax team takes care of all payroll processing and payroll tax filing and remittance, so you don’t have to worry!

Frequently Asked Questions

We serve the world’s leading alternative investment funds, their portfolio companies and entrepreneur-backed companies. Our HR solutions (employee benefits, HR compliance, payroll and HRIS) and white-glove experience model position our clients to attract and retain the highest caliber of talent, while minimizing employer liability and reducing time spent on non-core tasks.

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Coming Soon...

We help you grow by focusing on what you do best and equipping you with the HR expertise, benefits, and support to hire and retain best-in-class talent.

When budgets are constrained, adding equity grants as part of compensation packages can help attract and keep key employees on your team. To succeed, companies must create a culture of building value, often requiring implementing equity grant programs or refreshing existing ones.

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